For many coaches and creatives, running their own business can be described as a whirlwind of emotional ups and downs.  Great successes and small victories, followed by the overwhelm of mounting tasks and confusion as to where to go from here.   

That’s where I come in.  I want to help you scale your business efficiently and sustainably by helping to complete tasks that promote growth and success. 

Digital Product Launch Support

Email List Building

Whether you are in the pre-launch, mid-launch, or post-launch phase, list building is something you know you need to be doing all year round. The key is to consistently put out valuable content, but that can take up a lot of your time and creative energy. I can help you consistently show up for your audience by helping you to produce new and earth-shattering content!

Lead Magnets

Do you need help thinking of creative ideas for a lead magnet? Or maybe you have a lot of ideas but lack the time to research and put it all together?  Let's work on this together and get your email list snowballing! 

Repurpose Content

If you've been in business awhile, and have been consistently showing up for your audience, chances are you have a gold mine of content that can easily be repurposed and used in a lot of new ways. I can take your podcast episode, Facebook Live, Youtube video and turn it into a beautiful and polished blog post complete with graphics and social media captions.


So what's your game plan? It takes a lot of work to execute a profitable marketing strategy: ads, social media, Pinterest (free organic traffic, yeah?) community management, networking, etc. At times you might feel as though you are spread thin or all over the place. I can help create efficiency out of the chaos and make sure every base is covered, so your marketing dollars go farther and return more profitable.

Sales Page and Funnels

Does the thought of writing the copy for your sales page make you cringe? For a lot of coaches and course creators, creating the sales page is hands down the hardest part. Not sure what to say, when to say it, and what format it should be? Let me help you design a high converting sales page!

Webinar Setup

If webinars are an important part of your business, I can set up your webinars and moderate questions and comments during the webinar itself.  That way you can focus on running the webinar without distractions and making those sales! 

Course Platform Setup

When it comes to getting your courses up and running, let me do the time-consuming parts for you.  I set up the outline structure of the course (basic module titles, lessons, course pages, graphics, etc.) and when your content is ready, I then upload all the relevant modules and check that everything is running properly.  

Systems Creation

You've heard it before, "work smarter not harder." I'll help you do that by creating checklists, workflows, and standard operations processes so that you don't have to repeat the same tasks over and over. It will also make outsourcing tasks a breeze.

Building Authority / PR

The easiest way to gain authority and the trust of potential customers is by being featured on media outlets such as podcasts, webinars, and blogs. I can help make you famous by researching podcasts in your niche for you to be a guest on, and send out at least 5 customized pitches a week.


That's okay! You don't have to have all the answers. Let's schedule a 20-minute discovery call where you can tell me about your business and I can see if I can help.



20 hours / month
(5 hours / week)
End of the week task report


40 hours / month
(10 hours / week)
End of the week task report

Second Brain

60 hours / month
(15 hours / week)
End of the week task report

Project Pricing

Tell me about your specific project and I will work on a quote.